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The Savannah Cultural Arts Center (SCAC), built in 2019, is a premiere visual and performing arts facility. It serves as a creative meeting space for residents, the local arts community, and organizations to experience, engage with, and create art. To further the access to the arts and performing opportunities for local nonprofits, the City of Savannah Cultural Resources will offer free or discounted use of the SCAC's performing arts spaces through SPOTLIGHT: Facility Use Program.
The SCAC is located at 201 Montgomery St, Savannah.

Submissions are now open for the remainder of 2023 Spotlight dates!

Review the Submission Guidelines here.

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SPOTLIGHT: Facility Usage Program

The Spotlight Facility Usage Program provides a subsidy for nonprofit organizations to purchase rental space at a free or discounted rate from the Savannah Cultural Arts Center (SCAC) on select dates throughout the year. Subsidy amounts are based on an organization’s operating budget. Organizations will receive rental space along with audio/visual technical and administrative support staff.

The Cultural Affairs Commission Spotlight Subcommittee will evaluate applications to determine eligibility requirements and give priority to programming that is most beneficial to the community that:

  • Expands art and culture to new audiences and participants
  • Engages, develops, and inspires underserved communities and populations
  • Enriches the quality of life in Savannah

Program Criteria

Projects can encompass a variety of artistic disciplines and a range of program formats, including theatre productions, musical ensembles, dance performances, literary programs, and culturally based projects.  

The Cultural Affairs Commission Spotlight Subcommittee will evaluate applications based on the program’s artistic merit, design, implementation plan, level of community engagement, diversity of participating performers and artists, and the appropriateness of the program for a variety of diverse audiences.

Program Allowances

Applicants will receive rental of the Ben Tucker Theatre or the Studio Theatre at a free or reduced rental price with the following services:

  • 1 performance in the Ben Tucker or Studio Theatre
  • 1 technical rehearsal 
  • 1 dress rehearsal
  • 1 audio/visual technician
  • 1 front desk staff
  • 1 SCAC manager
  • 1 cleaning crew
  • Use of concession area

The Ben Tucker Theater is a modern auditorium with full lighting and sound capabilities along with stadium seating for 338 attendees. The theater provides a professional setting for film screenings, plays, musicals, and recitals. Review Ben Tucker specs here. The Studio Theater is a black box-style theater which hosts an array of events and activities from art lectures to dance classes. 

2023 Spotlight Date Availability

Available dates for fall 2023 are below. Performance may take place on Friday evening, Saturday Matinee, or Saturday evening.

  • August: Thursday, August 24 - Saturday, August 26th
  • September: Thursday, September 14 - Saturday, September 16th
  • October: Thursday, October 12 - Saturday, October 14
  • November: Thursday, November 16 - Saturday, November 18

*Availability of allocated dates/times are subject to change. 

Guidelines and Application Period

Please review the Spotlight Facility Usage Program Guidelines for additional details on program’s requirements and restrictions.
Spotlight application periods open twice a year, and operate on a rolling basis as needed or determined by the Cultural Affairs Commission.


Applications will open on Jan 15, 2023. All applications must be submitted through the Neighborly system. New users must create an account in Neighborly to access the Spotlight Facility Use Program application; returning users may log in through their existing account.

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Information Session

A recording of the Spotlight information session will be posted online soon.

Application Timeline

Jan 16, 2023 - Applications Open
June 1, 2023 - Applications Due at 5:00pm
June 16, 2023 - Notice of Awards Sent

Please reach out the Contracts Coordinator at to schedule a call or meeting to discuss questions related to the Spotlight Facility Use Program.

Spotlight 2023 Recipients

100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc.  (Play)

Young Warriors

Saturday, February 4


This play is about a group of Africa youth going through a rite of passage process. The actors will present the story of overcoming challenges to meet a common goal. During the play attendees will see the developed of these actors from scared kids to Warriors.

100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc. has multiple mentoring programs, and during their work with young people will find diamonds in the rough who are interested in the arts. They are encouraged to develop their talents, and with practice, mentoring, and coaching 100 Black Men often ends up with excellent talent pools of students ready to participate in activities like this play.

Over the Moon Diaper Bank (Dance Theater)

Have I Told You About the Time… by Lauren Ohmer 

Saturday, March 11
7:00pm, doors at 6:30pm

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"Have I Told You About the Time..." is a semi-biographical, dance theater piece weaving together true stories, candid conversations, and figurative snapshots of the life of a man (as a son, a Vietnam War Veteran, and a father) told through the eyes of his daughter, who is pregnant with a son of her own. The narrative unfolds through a series of vignettes as a solo female performer brings to life different characters using dance, spoken text (in English and Spanish), and a backdrop of original film projections.  A whimsical soundtrack accompanies our audience along this journey of experiences and emotions, with music ranging from Maurice Ravel and Elvis Presley, to classical Spanish guitar and 60's R&B/funk. Also included are unscripted audio recordings of our aging hero, wistfully recounting past events (some humorous, some hair-raising) as a helicopter pilot in the war, and his present-day reflections on death and what lies beyond. "Have I Told You About the Time..." is a heartfelt tribute to family and a celebration of life.

Lauren Ohmer is a choreographer, performer, and Savannah native.

OVER THE MOON is the diaper & period supply bank for Savannah and Coastal Georgia. We believe in dignity for all, no matter how big or small.

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Spotlight 2022 Recipients

100 Black Men of Savannah, Inc.  (Play)

Broken Wings

Saturday, August 27
6:00pm, Doors at 5:30pm.

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100 Black Men of Savannah will produce a dramatic presentation of urban life in Savannah through the eyes of young people expressing current life challenges and struggles. Performers will be recruited through audition from a variety backgrounds with ages ranging from middle school to college-aged individuals. Local playwright and former Dean of Performing Arts at Savannah State University, Dr. Robert Stevenson, will help with production and technical needs of the performance.  

DOC Savannah (Film)

Little Satchmo and Q&A

October 15, 2022
Doc Savannah will present a documentary film screening and Q&A session with the filmmaker of Little Satchmo. Little Satchmo is an intimate exploration of the iconic Louis Armstrong’s life and legacy through his relationship with his daughter that the public never new existed. Based on a revealing memoir written by Armstrong’s silent daughter, the film seeks to correct a historical narrative relying on caricature for too long. Following the screening, the audience will be able to participate in a Q&A session with the filmmakers associated with the film AND the subject of the film, who will join virtually.

Savannah Repertory Theatre (Play)

24 Hour Plays

Saturday, October 22
Savannah Repertory Theatre will perform a collection of 10-15 minutes plays created from scratch by a team of playwrights, directors, and cast who will develop an entire production in 24 hours. Based on the 24-Hour Plays production initiative, performers will be recruited through an open application process to bring together a diverse group of actors and production staff. Participants will be randomly matched to create a unique group of artists to undertake the production of their ’24-hour’ play and perform them on stage at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center.  

Tybee Ballet Theatre (Dance)

The Land of the Sweets

Saturday, November 19
3:00pm & 7:00pm
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Tybee Ballet Theatre will be performing excerpts from Act II, Land of the Sweets, from the classical ballet The Nutcracker. Performers will be cast as perspective “sweets” that Clara and the Nutcracker Prince are entertained with while journeying through the “land of the sweets.”  A diverse group of student performers of ranging abilities from all over the Savannah area will perform.  Tybee Ballet Theatre offers professional instruction to students regardless of their financial constraints with the goal of developing local youth’s appreciation and knowledge of performing arts regardless of skill level or financial ability.