Special Events


What is a Special Event

A special event is a temporary planned event, whether publicly or privately sponsored, including, without limitation, a block party, organized competitive event, parade, festival, or public assembly occurring on or within one or more city parks, squares, public rights-of-way, or that involves the reservation and use of a public venue, or closure of one or more rights-of-way, for a particular purpose which may involve the use of city services.

Common Special Event Questions

Q: Do I need a permit?

Yes. If you are planning a special event on the public right-of-way in Savannah, you typically need a permit.

Sec. 3-6002. — Special event permit required. - It shall be unlawful to promote, stage, conduct, organize, or sponsor a special event within the City without first applying for and receiving a special event permit. (Special Event Ordinance)

Q: When can I apply for a permit?

You may apply as early as one year out from the month of the date you are applying.  For example, if your wedding is on July 25th, 2024, you may apply starting at 12:01 AM on July 1st, 2023.

2023 Parks and Squares Guest Capacity List

City of Savannah Special Event Ordinance

City of Savannah Revenue Ordinance

Current Fees 

  • Application Fee: $25
  • Special Event Permit Fee: $125 (For events using the public roadways in addition to renting a park or square)
  • Park / Square Rental Fee (4-Hour Minimum Rental):
    • Non-Profits: $100
    • Resident: $350 (Peak / Off-Peak)
    • Non-Resident, Peak Season: $725
    • Non-Resident, Off-Peak Season: $575
    • Daily flat fee: $1000 (If space is required for the entire day / overnight) 
  • Additional rental time: $60/per hour
  • Forsyth Bandshell: $750/per day
  • Harborside / Hyatt Landing: $125/per day
  • Rousakis Plaza: $275/ per day
  • Daffin Park Pavilion: $225/ per day