Special Event Calendar

Check out this calendar for upcoming public events like festivals, films, weddings, runs, and walks held in public parks and on public streets throughout Savannah.

Important Info and Tips:

  • Check your anticipated dates for availability before starting a new application!

  • Applications are processed in order in which they were submitted through our digital application portal. 
  • Applications appear on our calendar once they placed under review. If you submit for a date, time and/or location that already has an application in process, you do so with the understanding that your application may be denied.
  • Click calendar listings for more detailed information.
  • Use the "Search" option to search by event name, event location or event type.
  • Select "List" to view the events in a list format which can be easier to read.
  • You may toggle between "Event dates" , which show ONLY the date of the event, and "Setup/event/takedown dates" which show the entire time the event impacts its permitted location.