Business Tax Certificates (License)

formAll businesses operating within the City of Savannah must have a current Business Tax Certificate (also known as a business license). You can apply for a new business tax certificate by completing the Business Tax Application.

Prior to applying for your Business Tax Certificate, all businesses must submit a Business Approval Application to Development Services to confirm that the proposed use is permitted in the property’s zoning district and that the structure meets applicable building and fire code requirements. For assistance with the Business Approval Process, contact the City's Business Approval Coordinator at 912-644-7709 or email, view the Business Approval and Business Tax Certificate Process Flow Chart and the Business Approval Process Brochure. For more information, visit the Business Approvals page.

For additional information or assistance in applying for a business tax certificate, please contact the City of Savannah Revenue Department, located at 305 Fahm Street, Savannah, GA 31401, P.O. Box 1228 Savannah, GA 31402-1228 or call 912-651-6450.