Development Services

We encourage applications and other related documents be transmitted to our staff electronically. Building permits, Trade Permits, Site permits, and Plats may now be applied for on-line through our eTRAC program. Click here for a link to the eTRAC homepage. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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What is Development Services?

The primary function of the City of Savannah’s Development Services is to permit and provide inspection services for new construction within the city limits. We also offer assistance and advice to developers, consultants, and builders of commercial, industrial, subdivision and multi-family projects in the city. Visit the Development section of our website to learn more.

How do you contact Development Services?

To contact Development Services, please call, fax, write or email to any of the following staff:

Development Services Liaison
Mike Rose, CBO
Phone: 912-651-6530 x 1964, Email

Building Inspections and Plan Review
Peter Ghilarducci PE, Building Official
Phone: 912-644-7784, Email

Site Plan Review (SPR) Senior Civil Engineer
Mike Rose, CBO, Development Liaison Manager
Phone: 912-651-6530 x 1964, Email

Permitting and Flood Zone Information
Tom McDonald CFM, Permitting & Floodplain Manager
Phone: 912-651-6530 x 1895, Email

Special Projects, Permitting and eTRAC
Lei Frazier, Permit Services Manager
Phone: 912-651-6530 x 1393, Email  

City Surveyor
Gregory Harris
Phone:912-651-6530 x 1862, Email
Subdivisions & Plats 

For Zoning information, including Business Location Approvals, please click here for the Planning & Urban Design Department or call (912) 525-2783.

How does Development Services help?

Development Services works with owners and designers so that projects’ plans move quickly through the permitting process. Other services include being a point of contact for an owner, providing information to designers, and keeping all reviewing parties focused on the project.

Development Services provides "one-stop" service for all aspects of a construction project. This department coordinates all required plan reviews by city infrastructure departments (stormwater, water and sewer, park and tree, traffic, and streets), the zoning department, the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), and building specialties (structural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc.). This department also coordinates the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy for all new or renovated building construction, completion letters for site work and building shells and acceptance of new publicly maintained infrastructure (streets, drainage, water, sewer, etc...).

What is the Development Process in Savannah?

The owner and/or designer may meet at Development Services with planning and development staff to review the project’s site-related needs (zoning, access, infrastructure, etc). A general development plan may be submitted for the appropriate reviewing agencies review and approval. The specific development plan (also referred to as site development plans or construction plans) and design calculations are submitted for final review and approval. At this point, plans for the vertical construction (buildings or other structures) are typically submitted to Development Services for a Building Permit. Once approval from each reviewing department is gained for the site plans, the accepted plans are sent to Development Services for site construction approval. A Site Development Permit may be issued by Development Services at the required preconstruction meeting. A Building Permit may be issued by Development Services for the vertical construction following the issuance of the site development permit (if required). After both site and vertical construction elements have been completed, inspections have passed and the required close-out documents have been accepted, a Certificate of Occupancy is signed by the building official.

We encourage owners, designers and consultants to:

  • Bring building projects to a Building Plan Review (BPR) Meeting, held on Thursdays at 10 a.m. via Microsoft Teams, at any stage in the pre-design or design process. These are informal meetings with City staff including plan reviewers, trade principals, historic preservation officer, and the fire marshal.
  • Bring site development projects to a Site Plan Review (SPR) Meeting, held on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. These are informal meetings with City staff from all site plan reviewing departments (Stormwater, Water and Sewer, Park and Tree, Traffic and Streets, Police, the Fire Marshal’s Office and the MPC) to discuss projects prior to site plan submittal or at any stage of design review.

**BPR and SPR meetings are currently being held remotely via Microsoft Teams. 
Please contact staff for instructions to be placed on the agenda.**

BPR and SPR Meetings  Please call or email Mike Rose (email, 912-651-6510 Ext. 1964) or Peter Ghilarducci (email, 912-644-7784)  to be placed on an agenda for a BPR meeting. Please call or email Robert Brannen (email, 912-651-6510 Ext. 1926) to be placed on an agenda for a SPR meeting.