Private Property Towing

City of Savannah

Mobility & Parking Services Department 

These regulations are pursuant to O.C.G.A. 44-1-13 and City of Savannah Ordinance 6-1406.

Property Owner/Manager:

As the Owner/Manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is properly posted at all times before trespassing vehicles can LEGALLY be towed from a lot.

The following steps must be taken:

1. The Owner/Manager must complete the enclosed private property towing request form, including a diagram of your lot, showing the proposed placement of signs. 

Private Property Towing Packet

2. Submit the above mentioned request to the Mobility & Parking Service Department, Transportation Unit, Post Office Box 2101, Savannah, Georgia 31402.  A representative will then come out and inspect the lot to confirm that the proposed location of the signs is adequate. These requests may be faxed to the Transportation Unit at 912-525-1629.

3. Once your request is approved, post signs in accordance with the City of Savannah Ordinance. Once the signs have been posted contact the Transportation Unit and a representative will respond for final approval.

4. When you contact the designated wrecker service to remove a trespassing vehicle, someone from your authorized list MUST be present to sign the authorization form.

5. Please remember removing vehicles from a private lot can only be LEGALLY accomplished after all conditions set forth in the City of Savannah Ordinance and State of Georgia Code have been met.

6. If you elect to change wrecker services, or discontinue towing vehicles from your property, all existing signs must be removed from your property within fourteen calendar days.

Contact Information for Transportation Unit 

Office: 912-651-6468

Fax: 912-525-1629

Address: 301 MLK Blvd, Savannah, GA.  31401 / Post Office Box 2101, Savannah, GA. 31402