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City of Savannah Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance & NFIP information

City of Savannah Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and Local Flood Studies maps:

Developers need to review both FEMA’s FIRM maps and City’s Local Flood Studies to help protect their project with the best available information to help reduce flooding during a high risk storm event.  View local flood studies that could affect your design. Besides FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), designers, contractors, and home owners will need to review the City’s Local Flood Studies to ensure the proposed improvements meet City’s local storm water studies and ordinances.  For more information contact Tom Cawthon, (912) 650-7855, with City’s Stormwater Department for Site development or Tom McDonald tmcdonald@SavannahGa.Gov, (912) 651-6530 with Development Services for Building requirements.  To view the Local Studies and Historic/Current FIRMS click on: Local Flood Studies

City of Savannah Stormwater Management Information Page: 

The City’s Stormwater Department ensures developers comply with a state-issued stormwater permit, which requires stormwater monitoring, private site inspections, and site development permitting.  For more information: Stormwater Management Resources

Flood Elevation Certificate and Other Required Certificates Forms: 

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