Public Notices


The City of Savannah has applied for a sidewalk and gazebo on FEMA deed restricted properties located in the floodplain. The project will be in the Brickyard Community neighborhood, address(es): 

                                                   14 Brickyard Street, 20030 02014 

                                                   Millikan Street, 20030 02007 

                                                   Millikan Street, 20030 02006 

Presidential Executive Orders 11988 and 11990 and the National Historic Preservation Act required that all federal actions in or affecting the floodplain or wetlands and historic properties be reviewed for opportunities to relocate, and evaluated for social, economic, historical, environmental, legal and safety considerations.  The public is invited to participate in the process of identifying alternatives and analyzing their impacts.  

Interested persons may obtain information about these actions or a specific project by contacting Tameka Hutchinson, by email at or by calling (912) 651-6524.  Comments should be received within 30 days of the date of this notice, July 28,2021.