Stormwater Plans

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The City's stormwater system is a vast web of canals, ditches, pipes, curbs, inlets, basins, pump stations and open spaces. They all connect and play a critical role in preventing damage and pollution from storms. The City of Savannah's Stormwater Management Plan is reviewed and updated every 5 years.  The plan lays out how the City will minimize flooding and protect rivers and waterways from pollution. It is required before the City receives a permit to release any stormwater runoff to public rivers and waterways. 

The City is posting the plan for public access, review, and comment. In addition the City is posting the most recent annual report which provides updates to the Stormwater Management Plan. The City is required to consider and respond to all public comments. Links to both documents are below as is information on how to submit questions and comments.

Savannah Stormwater Management Plan                                   Stormwater Annual Report 

To ask questions, view appendices and maps, or submit comments on either the Stormwater Plan or Annual Report please contact:

Laura Walker or call 912-651-2221.