Fire Watch

Fire Watch Requirements

•    A minimum of one person whose sole responsibility is to perform fire watch with no other duties or responsibilities will be required to walk through the entire premises on a continuous basis and keep a log. This person will also be required to have at least one approved means to notify the fire department at all times.

•    All staff should be informed of the fire watch and should be instructed to be alert to possible fire situations.

•    A tag of impairment shall be placed on the system. Sprinkler systems shall have a red tag placed on the system riser and fire department connection, hood suppression systems shall have a red tag placed on the manual pull station, and fire alarm systems / other life safety systems shall have signage printed and placed on the annunciator and main fire alarm panel The signage shall state the following: "Fire protection system is impaired. Fire watch procedures are being performed".

•    Notification shall be made within 24 hours to the insurance carrier and all other authorities having jurisdiction.

 Record of notification shall be forwarded to the Office of the Fire Marshal.

•    In the event of a real emergency, please call 911.

•    Notify the Office of the Fire Marshal once repairs have been made to the impaired system.

This form shall be completed hourly and at the beginning and end of fire watch shift. 

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