Contractors Only


Use this link (Fire Protection Annual Report) to submit Fire & Life Safety Reports.

Welcome to Savannah Fire Department's web-based reporting system. To make it easier for our contractors to submit annual  Fire & Life Safety reports required by the local AHJ, our Fire Prevention Office has created this online resource for turning in Fire & Life Safety System Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM) reports.


Certified contractors hired by businesses come in every year to inspect specific fire protection systems and make sure they are functioning without any defects. Some of these systems require bi-annual and, in some cases, quarterly inspections. Once they’ve completed their report, contractors can now submit their documents to the Savannah Fire Marshal’s Office. 

Working together with contractors and business owners within our community, we can be more proactive addressing any needed repairs and ensuring compliance of  required fire protection systems in a timely manner.

Benefits of uploading inspection reports:

  • Ensures Fire and Life Safety Systems are operational and functioning in case of an emergency
  • Increases frequency of repairs through deficiency remediation
  • Assists in ensuring licensed service providers are performing quality ITM within your building(s)
  • Increases overall compliance
  • Overall, build safer environments for our firefighters and the people who live, work, and play in our community