Bulk Item Disposal Guidelines

What are bulk items?

Bulk items (such as appliances, furniture, mattresses are objects that are too large to fit into your trash cart with the lid completely closed.


  • Items should be neatly and orderly placed at the curb with your cart or regular point of collection before 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled trash collection day. 
  • Items should not be placed on or close to a mailbox, fence, or utility pole.
  • You are not required to schedule this service 
  • Bulk Items taking more than 5 minutes will be charged a fee per the City of Savannah Revenue Ordinance. 

You can also bring bulk items to one of the drop off center locations (Must show proof of residency): 

Drop-Off Centers 

  • City Landfill: 1327 Dean Forest Road


  • Bacon Park Transfer Station: 2609 Skidaway Road 


Where not to place bulk items? 

Bulk Items should not be placed on the street, in right of ways or in medians. This is considered illegal dumping. Illegal dumping should be reported to 311. 

 Example items of bulk trash include:

• Furniture
• Mattresses & Box Springs
• Appliances
• Toilets
• Bicycles
• Metal
• Other like materials


Tire Disposal Guidelines


How do I dispose of old tires?

Residents may place up to 4 tires at their point curb for collection during their regular day of collection.  

Collection crews will separate the tires from the regular garbage. It may take up to a week before crews return and retrieve the tires. 

A different truck will collect the tires. Separating the tires from the rest of your garbage allows Sanitation to properly dispose and process tires.


Other ways to dispose of old tires

Residents can also bring old tires (up to 4) to one of the drop-off centers (Must show proof or residency): 

  • City Landfill: 1327 Dean Forest Road


  • Bacon Park Transfer Station: 2609 Skidaway Road 


Please report abandoned tires

To report abandoned tires, you can contact 311