Faith in Action

Savannah Community Memory Project 2024 Residency

"Faith in Action - Perspectives on Savannah's Inter-Faith Community"

Scenes from Carver Village Memory Project

About the Savannah Community Memory Project: The Savannah Community Memory Project (SCMP) is a wide-ranging initiative of the City of Savannah's Municipal Archives to preserve and share a more complete history of Savannah's diverse communities in their own voices. Under the SCMP umbrella, the Municipal Archives: partners with neighborhoods to conduct community archiving events (visit our Voices of Savannah portal to watch oral histories collected); partners with community organizations to preserve Savannah's LGBTQ+ history through the Proud Savannah History Project; and hosts a SCMP residency to facilitate the creative collection and interpretation of community memory. 

Left: Scenes from the Historic Carver Village Neighborhood community archiving event, 2016

About the SCMP 2024 Residency: The City's first SCMP Residency Project, "Faith in Action - Perspectives on Savannah's Inter-Faith Community," was selected through a competitive procurement process and will be completed in 2024. The project focuses on inter-faith action across the city. Over time, the Savannah community has seen impactful efforts that have brought together Savannahians of different religions, races, classes, and ethnicities. These actions take shape in formal and informal ways, both individually and collectively, across houses of worship, groups of citizens, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. "Faith in Action" will record the oral testimonies of Savannah's inter-faith community with a wide diaspora of community leaders, historians, and citizens from different walks of faith and experience. The project aims to illustrate for posterity how efforts toward forging these connections serve to bolster the Savannah community at-large and how doing so plays a major role in defining and redefining the character of our city. The project will produce an educational website for youth; a teacher curriculum training event; a public panel discussion; and an archival collection preserved in the Municipal Archives and available to the public for research use. 


Top: SCMP Resident Team Tom Kohler, Eric Darling, and Mickey Youmans; Bottom: Tom Kohler prepares to interview Rabbi Haas, as Mickey Youmans claps the film slate, February 2024

About the "Faith in Action" Resident Team:

Eric Darling is the Team Leader, and also fills the roles of Cinematographer, Editor and Web Designer. Darling has worked as a photojournalist, television producer, and is the owner and creative director of eThree Media in Savannah. He has received numerous honors including the Eagle Award from the Mountain Film Festival for production of a Georgia environmental and endangered species video wall. 

Mickey Youmans is a project Cinematographer and Producer. Youmans is a photographer and cameraman who helped develop the Savannah College of Art & Design's Film/Video Department, and has worked for A&E, the History Channel, Time-Life, among many other clients. He received an Emmy for his work on the historical documentary "The Editor and the Dragon: Horace Carter Fights the Klan."

Tom Kohler serves as a Producer, as well as filling the role of Interviewer and Community Liaison. Kohler, a Savannah native, retired from Chatham Savannah Citizen Advocacy after 40 years of service. Previous projects include creating/organizing "When Brothers Dwell In Unity" and the "Indigenous Wisdom Listening Project," and co-authoring Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community and Disciples Among Us. Kohler has been recognized for his work by the Toronto Summer Inclusion Institute, and he was the first non-African American to be honored by being invited to be grand marshal of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade.

How can you participate: Savannah residents, past and present, are encouraged to participate in the project through the online "Faith in Action" portal (submissions will be accepted through August 2024). 

SCMP Residency Timeline (timeline will be updated as the project progresses):

  • Online portal accepting submissions: February-August 2024
  • Oral history interviews conducted: February-September 2024
  • Video post production: February-September 2024
  • Website and educational materials development: September-November 2024
  • Archival collection transfer: November-December 2024
  • Educational website launched: December 2024
  • Teacher training session: December 2024
  • Public panel discussion: December 2024