Information Exchange Automation

The new City of Savannah e-Procurement System, automates the exchange of information between the City, its suppliers and end users. All suppliers desiring to do business with the City should register online.

This new system has many features:

  • Automates and expedites the procurement process
  • Allows suppliers to register electronically
  • Supports multiple commodity codes per supplier and contact
  • Provides web access to review, read and respond to opportunities
  • Offers an online question-and-answer service
  • Supports sealed bids with lock box and bid encryption
  • Supports electronic attachments

System Requirements

Savannah’s e-Procurement System is supported on Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Notice to Bidders

Potential bidders are responsible for checking this website to obtain all addenda that may be issued to bid specifications. The City is not responsible for direct distribution of addenda posted on the website to all vendors who wish to submit a proposal. Acknowledgement of addenda will be made in the bidding process.

The City of Savannah cannot guarantee internet access, it is strongly recommended that you respond 24 hours prior to the event bid closing date and time. Any changes to the conditions and specifications must be in the form of a written addendum to be valid; therefore, the City will issue a written addendum to document all approved changes. Any bid submitted which does not acknowledge the receipt of an addendum will not be considered.

According to City of Savannah ordinances, proposals are invited and will be received by the City of Savannah Purchasing Department until the bid closing date and time. The list of bid opportunities serves as public notice advertisement for bids and requests for proposals (RFP's). Bid documents and specifications are available to prospective bidders on this website and at the City of Savannah Purchasing Office:

2 E. Bay St.

Savannah, GA 31401

The City of Savannah reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Bidders must comply with nondiscrimination provisions. The City is an equal opportunity agency and invites small and minority contractors to bid

Notice to Vendors

  • To access, register, review and respond to electronic bids, please visit the electronic registration and bidding process.
  • Vendors doing business with the City of Savannah should not fill any order without first receiving a purchase order number.