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311 City Service Request Form

  1. Please describe the problem or City service you are requesting in detail. Example: Request City-owned tree trim, request a bulk item pickup, report clogged storm drain, etc.
  2. *For Bulk Items: To service address contact information and items for pick-up must be included.
  3. If you have a photo of the issue you're reporting, you can upload it here. JPG or GIF file format preferred.
  4. What is the location of your concern?
    Please input the location of this issue below. If the location is not a street address, please be as specific as possible, such as naming the closest street intersection.
  5. Location must be within Savannah city limits
  6. Contact Information
    To assist in addressing your concern it may be necessary for the City's staff to contact you for additional information and/or clarification. Please provide your name and either a phone number or email address below. If you cannot be contacted, it may not be possible for City staff to address your concern.
  7. Notify Me Via*
    If you select a Notify Me option, you must complete the related phone or email field below.
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