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HOME OCCUPATION AGREEMENT (Prior September 1st 2023)

  1. This Home Occupation form is no longer valid for new applications/approvals. It is from the previous ordinance prior to September 1st 2019. Goto  Sec 8.7.11 Home Occupations for the current Home Occupation standards.

    An occupation carried on within a home or from a home only by family members residing in the home, using only such equipment as is customarily found in the home, involving no display of articles or products, and, except as otherwise provided, having no on-premises signage identifying the occupation and having no on-site storage of equipment, or materials used to deliver products or provide services offsite and having no on-site assembly or storage of vehicles other than the customary household vehicles.

  2. Home occupations shall be limited to:
    (1) Selling only those articles, products or services produced in the home;

    (2) Arranging to provide or deliver products or services offsite which are produced offsite and involve no on-site employees other than those living in the home, and involve no assembling or storage of materials or equipment on the premises.
  3. However, this definition shall also include the following activities:
    (1) Boarding not more than two nontransient guests;

    (2) A family day care home;

    (3) A beauty parlor operating in a room separate from but attached to a dwelling unit and using equipment other than that customarily found in a home, occupying not more than 500 square feet of floor area, and employing no more than two people, both of whom shall reside in the dwelling to which the beauty parlor is attached.
  4. Provided that:
    (A). The appearance of the dwelling shall not be altered in any manner which would indicate that a business is being conducted within the home.

    (B). The home occupation shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or demand for parking, beyond that which is normal to the particular neighborhood.

    (C). No use shall require structural alternations to the interior or exterior of the building which changes the residential character thereof.
  5. I have read the above and agree to conduct my business in accordance with the above ordinance.
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