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Good Neighbor Nomination

  1. Nominee Information
    Please begin by telling us who you are nominating.
  2. Your Information
    Please provide us with your contact information.
  3. Why is your nominee a Good Neighbor?

    In the following text box, please describe in 400 words or less why you think the nominee deserves the Savannah Good Neighbor Award, addressing the following questions:

    • What specific actions has this person performed during the current calendar year for which they merit this award?
    • How have this person’s actions gone beyond the normal scope of citizen responsibilities?
    • Did the nominee go to great effort or invest an exceptional amount of time in performing their actions?

    • How have this person’s actions benefited their neighborhood or the City of Savannah as a whole?
    • What are the geographic areas (e.g., block, neighborhood, City of Savannah) and demographics (e.g. youth, elderly, all residents) of the population that benefits?
    • Are the benefits tangible, intangible, or both?
    • Have the person’s actions fostered self-help, quality of life, or community involvement in others?
    • Have they contributed to environmental conservation or sustainability?

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