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  1. The City of Savannah Municipal Archives is responsible for collecting, preserving, and providing access to records documenting the City of Savannah’s history. The Archives shares this history with City employees, citizens, and visitors through various outreach programs. The City wants to make sure we document the extraordinary events of 2020-2021, and how they impacted the City of Savannah organization, City employees, and the community we serve.

  2. We are collecting documentation related to:

    Major events in 2020-2021 and how they impacted City of Savannah employees (either at work or at home), including: the COVID-19 pandemic; the 2020 recession; the Black Lives Matter movement and protests; and the 2020 election. Submissions can address, but are not limited to: how employees pivoted at work to continue delivering services and programs in new ways during a pandemic; how the events of the year affected employees on a personal level and maybe required changes outside of work; or stories of City employees or local organizations/individuals making a difference this year.

  3. What are we looking for:

    •Photographs (JPEG, TIF files)

    •Your memories and thoughts (PDF, DOC files, or typed in the field below)

  5. Accepted File Types:


  6. Release
    In accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, I donate the materials submitted by this form to the City of Savannah as an outright gift. To the best of my knowledge, this gift is free and clear of all encumbrances and restrictions. All donated materials shall become the property of the City of Savannah. The City shall have full physical custody and intellectual property rights of all materials in perpetuity for all non-profit use. Typical uses may include, but are not limited to, scholarly and other publications, audio/visual and electronic presentations (including programs on Savannah Government Channel 8), exhibits, and websites ( All donated materials will be transferred to the City of Savannah Municipal Archives, where they will be housed and maintained according to accepted archival principles and procedures to ensure both preservation and accessibility to researchers. The City of Savannah, however, shall have no liability for damage to or destruction of the materials by fire, water, or other casualty. The materials will be made available to all qualified researchers on equal terms of access and copies supplied, upon request, in accordance with the policies of the Municipal Archives.
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