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Savannah LGBTQ Oral History Project: Nomination

  1. About the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project: The main purpose of the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project is to record the history of Savannah’s LGBTQ+ community, in their own words and their own voices, and to preserve this history in the Municipal Archives where it will be publicly accessible to future generations. The Municipal Archives continually strives to document Savannah’s diverse communities, neighborhoods, and citizens. The addition of histories and voices from the LGBTQ+ community will help ensure that we are preserving a more inclusive, informative, and complete history of Savannah and everyone that makes up Savannah's story.

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    Thank you! Contributions like yours help us to preserve and share the unique history of Savannah with our community, as well as future generations of citizens and visitors.

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