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Savannah LGBTQ Oral History Release Form

  1. Prior to completing an oral history for the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project, both the interviewee and the interviewer will be asked to complete a release form to ensure that they both agree to be recorded for the interview and agree for the interview to be preserved in the City of Savannah Municipal Archives. The release form also addresses terms of access and restriction regarding the oral history now and in the future in order to protect the interviewee.

  2. All recordings, transcripts and photographs, as well as electronic renderings of the same, resulting from interviews conducted by or for the City of Savannah shall become the property of the City of Savannah.  The City shall have full physical custody and intellectual property rights of all materials generated by the interviews in perpetuity for all non-profit use.  Typical uses may include, but are not limited to, scholarly and other publications, audio/visual and electronic presentations (including programs on Government Channel 8), exhibits, and websites (  Original interview materials will be transferred to the City of Savannah Municipal Archives, where they will be housed and maintained according to accepted archival principles and procedures to ensure both preservation and accessibility to researchers.

    I, the undersigned, have read the above.  The interviewer affirms that she/he has explained the nature and purpose of this oral history research.  The interviewee affirms that she/he has consented to the interview.  The interviewer and interviewee hereby give grant and assign all rights, title and interest, including copyright, of whatever kind from this information and interview to the City of Savannah.

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  8. Thank you for your cooperation and generosity!  Contributions like yours help us to preserve and share the unique history of Savannah with our community, as well as future generations of citizens and visitors.

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