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Voice Bank: Savannah LGBTQ Oral History Project

  1. About the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project: The main purpose of the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project is to record the history of Savannah’s LGBTQ+ community, in their own words and their own voices, and to preserve this history in the Municipal Archives where it will be publicly accessible to future generations. The Municipal Archives continually strives to document Savannah’s diverse communities, neighborhoods, and citizens. The addition of histories and voices from the LGBTQ+ community will help ensure that we are preserving a more inclusive, informative, and complete history of Savannah and everyone that makes up Savannah's story.

    What is the Voice Bank: The Voice Bank is an online portal that allows participants in the Municipal Archives' oral history projects to submit written oral histories. It is an alternative for those who do not want to participate in an audio-visual recording but would like to contribute to the project.

    Directions: Please complete the following questions to the best of your ability and comfort level. You may skip any questions you choose not to answer. 

    If you leave the field "What is your name" blank, the Municipal Archives will follow the instructions you provide in the release section regarding your name. You will have the option to restrict public access to your interview for a period of years, if necessary, in the release section.

    When you are finished, complete the release section at the bottom and click "submit."

    Return to project page:

    Language Note: If you are trying to use a word that the City system is blocking you from using that is integral to your story, please notify us at

  2. You may provide your real name, a pseudonym/alternate name, or leave blank (see the release section for more information).

  3. Your answers to questions #1-23 above will be made available to the public per your release instructions below.


    The following responses will not be part of the public collection and are for Municipal Archives’ staff use only:

  4. Restrictions placed on opening oral history to research (please check one):*

    If you select to close your oral history to research for a specified number of years, the Municipal Archives will not grant public access to your oral history submission until the specified number of years has been fulfilled. The only people who will have access to it during the time it is closed will be yourself and Municipal Archives staff for the purposes of processing and preserving it.

  5. Can Municipal Archives staff contact you if we have follow-up questions regarding any of your responses?
  6. Please provide their name, phone number, email address, and why we should talk to them.

  7. All submissions to the Savannah Community Memory Project (including the Voice Bank) shall become the property of the City of Savannah. The City shall have full physical custody and intellectual property rights of all materials generated by submissions in perpetuity for all non-profit use.  Typical uses may include, but are not limited to, scholarly and other publications, audio/visual and electronic presentations (including programs on SGTV Government Channel 8), exhibits, and websites (including Submission materials will be transferred to the City of Savannah Municipal Archives, where they will be housed and maintained according to accepted archival principles and procedures to ensure both preservation and accessibility to researchers. The materials will be made available to all qualified researchers on equal terms of access and copies supplied, upon request, in accordance with the policies of the Municipal Archives.

    I, the undersigned, have read the above.  I affirm that I understand the nature and purpose of this oral history project and hereby give grant and assign all rights, title and interest, including copyright, of whatever kind from this information and interview to the City of Savannah.

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  9. Thank you for sharing your history with us today! Contributions like yours help us to preserve and share the unique history of Savannah with our community, as well as future generations of citizens and visitors.

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