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Savannah YALL Application Form

  1. Y: Young
  2. A: Adults
  3. L: Leading
  4. L: Locally
  5. Savannah Y.A.L.L.

    The Savannah Y.A.L.L. Taskforce is a part of Mayor Van Johnson’s mission to let every group have a seat at the table in helping the better serve the community. This taskforce is for young people, ages 21-34, who are interested in learning about City operations and are willing to offer their feedback and perspective to City staff. We are looking for individuals from all backgrounds and social statuses.

    Taskforce members will enjoy learning about City government, tours of City operations and local businesses, opportunities to weigh in on important City topics and exciting outings.

    If you are ready for an exciting opportunity to be the voice for your generation, apply to be a part of the inaugural group today! The application period will run from Tuesday, October 18, to Friday, November 4.


    Ages 21-34
    Must live in Savannah

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