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WorkSource Coastal Summer Youth Employment Program Pre-Application

  1. Know of an out of school youth looking for a job or who needs their GED? WorkSource Coastal can help!

    Our youth program offers paid employment training, GED services, and life skills training. We are currently looking for youth who can benefit from our program. WorkSource Coastal’s Summer Youth Employment Program is underway and we have partnered with local businesses that will serve as host worksites for youth ages 16-24. During the summer program, youth will receive training and paid work experience. This summer program runs until July 31st and is currently taking applications until June 27, 2017. If you are interested please complete this eligibility pre-application and a Career Specialist will contact you for further instruction.

    If you have any questions call 912.651.4350 to speak with a staff member.

  2. Are you 16-24 years of age?
  3. Are you a US citizen or eligible to work in the US?
  4. Are you currently employed?
  5. Are you looking to attain your GED?
  6. Are you currently enrolled in school or a training program?
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