Waters Ave Revitalization

A multi-million dollar Streetscape Plan is in development for Waters Avenue, from Victory Drive to Wheaton Street, and construction anticipated to begin in 2015. Improvements will include brick sidewalks, stamped brick crosswalks, landscaping, neighborhood gateways, and ornamental lighting. Parking and landscape improvements are already under construction at a City-owned commercial property centrally located in the target area. In addition to these initiatives, the City and other public and private entities are planning major investments along and near the corridor to improve and increase housing, enhance neighborhoods, and offer incentives to businesses that wish to locate or expand operations in the target area.

As planning and development activities occur in the future, the City encourages you to stay informed by visiting this webpage, where updates will be posted as information becomes available. For more information about business services, please contact the City’s Office of Business Opportunity at (912) 352-3582.