Alternate New Employer Economic Development Rates for Water and Sewer Services

Water tap-in, sewer tap-in, and other water and sewer connection fees may be waived for economic development purposes for qualifying large employers which make new connections to the water and sewer system.

  • Large employers are those employers that reasonably expect within one year of commencement of operation to employ 200 or more full-time, year-round employees with medical and retirement benefits.
  • Qualifying large employers must enter into a water and sewer service agreement which will specify the conditions of the waiver, including agreement by the employer to be subject to the Alternate New Employer Economic Development Rates for on-going water and sewer service.
  • New industrial employers that qualify for Industrial Water Rates may be approved to enter into water rate agreements that provide for a fixed Industrial Water Rate during a temporary introductory period not to exceed three years in length.

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 alt New Employ Devel Rates