Evergreen Cemetery

The City of Savannah completed the acquisition of Evergreen Cemetery located at 4340 ACL Blvd., Savannah, GA 31405 on May 2, 2023. With this purchase, all activity taking place in Evergreen Cemetery will be authorized and managed solely by the City of Savannah. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • the arrangement and oversight of funeral services
  • opening and closing of graves
  • the purchasing of cemetery lots
  • care and maintenance of the grounds
  • management of monument installations
  • record and ownership inquiries

All activity in Evergreen Cemetery is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by City ordinance and enforced by the City of Savannah, City Cemeteries Division. These are the same rules followed in the City’s five other cemeteries. The same fees associated with the other City cemeteries now apply to Evergreen. 

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The City of Savannah is committed to bringing Evergreen Cemetery to the same level of care and maintenance as our other five cemeteries. This will include the cleanup of vegetation, trash, and debris in the cemetery. The City will also survey the entire site to develop a database for all occupied and available spaces. All monuments will be documented and given a searchable location. The City will also install fencing to provide extra safety and security. 

Important to Note: Until the surveying process is completed, the purchasing of new lots with interment rights will be on hold. 


Families must provide proof of lot ownership for a burial to take place in the cemetery. 

Monument Installation

Monument companies and/or family members must get a permit to install monuments and markers in the cemetery prior to performing work. 

Contact Us

As the City makes improvements to Evergreen, we encourage families to contact the City Cemeteries Division with any information they have on their family lots. This information will help us develop accurate records for Evergreen as a whole and for each individual family lot. The Cemeteries Division can be reached at 912-651-6843 or by email at CityCemeteries@savannahga.gov.