Park and Tree

Park and Tree is responsible for the maintenance of vegetation within City-owned parcels, the public rights of way, lanes, neighborhood parks, and the City’s Riverfront and historic Squares. It also manages all trees located on public property, often termed the urban forest, the Landscape and Tree Protection Ordinance, and provides conservation of public monuments.

The Parks Maintenance program is not only responsible for vegetative maintenance within neighborhood parks, the City’s Riverfront, and Squares within the Landmark Historic District but also all fertilization/pest control, irrigation, site furnishings and special projects involving the installation of landscape and hardscape improvements.

The Right-of-Way Maintenance program mows all vegetation within the various access roads, canals, ditches and their associated rights-of-way, easements, maintenance ways, medians, and street and highway rights-of-way within the City limits.

The Urban Forestry program services include hazardous tree removal, preventive maintenance pruning, service request pruning, new tree planting, and administration of the Landscape and Tree Protection Ordinance, to include site plan reviews and site inspections for the City's tree removal permitting process.

To request service in any public park or any public tree, please dial 311 or use the online request form.

To request rentals of parks and squares regarding weddings and other events please call (912) 351-3837.