Site Development Permits

New Fees in 2020

Effective January 1, 2020, the following Development Services fees have been added due to the adoption of the 2020 City of Savannah Revenue Ordinance:

  • Site Development: As-build Review Fee ($100 per review after the first review)
  • ESA Waiver Request Fee of $200

Please call Development Services at 912-651-6510 if you have any questions. Click here for a summary of the typical fees associated with a building or site permit, which reflects the 2020 changes. For a list of all fees charged by Development Services, click here. In addition to the new fees, please be aware that the site plan review fee is now required to be paid prior to the start of any plan review.

New Site Development Plan Review Checklists

The Site Development Permit Plan Review Checklists have been updated and revised. Click here for the webpage with links to all checklists. Please note: the purpose of these checklists is to assist the consultant in preparing a complete submittal package for the site development permit, and ultimately assist in faster permitting.

Notice: Revision to Landscape Warranty Bond 

The City of Savannah Park and Tree Department has revised how Landscape Warranty Bonds will be calculated. Effective November 1, 2016, Landscape Warranty Bonds will be calculated as follows:
- Projects less than 1 acre will be 30% of the installed landscape cost
- Projects between 1 and 5 acres will be 50% of the installed landscape cost
- Projects over five acres will be 70% of the installed landscape cost
- Minimum warranty shall be $1,500 unless waived by the Administrator
Follow this link for the official public notice from the Park and Tree Department:
Public Notice: Revision to Landscape Warranty Bond Calculation

New Site Development Permit Application 

The City of Savannah has a new Site Development Permit Application and Subdivision/Plat Application. Contact the Permit Specialist at 912-651-6510, ext. 1877 or email with any questions.

Electronic Plan Review for Site Permits

The City of Savannah now accepts electronic submittals for Site Development Permit submittals. This electronic format is optional. To view a presentation explaining the process and requirements for electronic plan submittals, click here. For a one-page summary sheet of Electronic Plan Review Requirements for Site Development Permits, click here.