Sign Permit Information


  1. Submit a completed Sign Permit Application.
  2. Submit two (2) complete sets of construction drawings must be submitted with the application.
  3. For monument signs adjacent to a City right-of-way or within an easement, a completed and signed Sign Permit Agreement must also be submitted.
  4. Include dimensioned site plans showing property lines, sidewalks, building location, parking spaces and location of proposed free standing or projecting sign.
  5. Include dimensioned building facade elevations showing exact location of proposed fascia signs.
  6. Dimensioned sign elevations showing designated area of message and message configuration.
  7. Include dimensioned structural members or fasteners and how they attach to the facade of a building.
  8. If illuminated, provide documentation of UL listed apparatus.
  9. If not UL listed, name of licensed electrician installing the wiring.
  10. For all free standing or projecting signs, structural calculations shall be provided showing that the sign structure will withstand all applicable wind pressures. Calculations and a Statement of Special Inspections must be prepared by a Georgia Registered Design Professional (Architect or Engineer).

For zoning information regarding signage, such as temporary sign requirements, announcement sign requirements, restricted sign information, sign dimensional standards, or Street Classification Maps for Principal Use Signs or Billboards, visit the Zoning Sign Information page.