Citations: Parking & Street Sweeping or Red Light Camera violations

Information on Parking Citations

Mobility & Parking Services Department


When entering the citation number, enter all numbers & letters in the top right corner of the citation.  


Sanitation Department is responsible for issuing street sweeping citations and street sweeping appeals.


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You can pay online with a Visa or Master Card, mail payments in to the address listed on the citation, or pay in person at the Mobility & Parking Services Office, 100 E. Bryan Street in the Bryan Street Parking Garage, Downtown Savannah.

Section 7-1095. No parking designated for night sweeping operations.
Parking is hereby prohibited on the streets listed in section 225 of appendix I, which is hereby incorporated herein and made a part of this Code by reference, a copy of which shall be maintained on file in the office of the clerk of council and in the office of the city traffic engineer, during the hours designated, for the purpose of cleaning the same; provided, however, that such prohibition shall not apply unless and until appropriate signs are displayed and maintained on the designated streets indicating the hours of prohibition.

Information on Red Light Camera Tickets 
912-525-3100 ext 1570
If you have received a Red Light Camera Ticket, you may view your photos and video online (by using Internet Explorer ONLY), enter your Violation Number and Car Tag Number.  To appeal your citation via court, please call 912.525.3100 ext. 1570 to schedule a court date.