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  1. 311 City Service Request Form

    Please use this form to contact the City of Savannah Customer Service Center to request information or City Services. You may request... More…

Cultural Affairs

  1. Beyond Sight Youth Workshop

    A workshop for youth who are blind or visually impaired to experience our multisensory gallery, Beyond Sight, plus a hands-on workshop.

  2. Savannah Cultural Arts Center Rental Inquiry Form

    Thank you for your interest in the Savannah Cultural Arts Center. Please fill out this form as fully as possible so we can assist you... More…

  3. Tybee Ballet Auditions: 2023 The Land of the Sweets

    Audition for TB spotlight program: Land of the Sweets

  1. Holiday Gift Voucher Orders

    Order form for gift vouchers at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center

  2. SCAC Class Registration Form FALL 2 2023

    Fall 2 session - Classes Begin October 16, 2023

  3. Winter Interterm Workshops 2023

    A selection of workshops to enjoy this winter at the Savannah Cultural Arts Center!

Development Services

  2. HOME OCCUPATION AGREEMENT (Prior September 1st 2023)




  2. Savannah Under Construction Map Feedback


  1. Savannah Fire Marshal Office Request For Inspection

    This form is required to request an inspection for the Fire Marshal's Office

  1. Savannah Fire Marshal Question Form

    This form is good for asking questions about code requirements, citizen questions, request for services.

Good Neighbor Award

  1. Good Neighbor Nomination

    Nominate someone from your neighborhood who has gone above and beyond to help the community.


  1. Brickyard Neighborhood Plan

    The City of Savannah is partnering with the Brickyard community to initiate a neighborhood plan that will guide neighborhood... More…

  2. Land Bank RFP Questions
  1. Developer Housing Opportunity
  2. NACA Workshop - November 9, 2019

Municipal Archives

  1. 2020 in Savannah
  2. River Street Tugboat Collection
  3. Savannah LGBTQ Oral History Project: Nomination
  4. Savannah Youth Ambassadors Oral History Release Form

    Prior to training and collecting oral histories for the Savannah Youth Ambassadors "Voices of Savannah" oral history project, each... More…

  1. Building Documentation Required for Demolition
  2. Savannah Community Memory Project
  3. Savannah LGBTQ Oral History Release Form

    Prior to completing an oral history for the Savannah LGBTQ+ Oral History Project, both the interviewee and the interviewer will be... More…

  4. Voice Bank: Savannah LGBTQ Oral History Project

Registration Forms

  1. 2017 Youth Summit

    Register now for the 2017 Youth Summit.

  2. Citizen Academy 2017

    Sign up to learn more about your local government

  3. May 2017 Neighborhood Leadership Training Institute Registration

    Register now for the City of Savannah's Neighborhood Leadership Institute training for neighborhood leaders.

  4. WorkSource Coastal Summer Youth Employment Program Pre-Application
  1. Back to School Talent Show
  2. Infrastructure and Development Open House
  3. Summer Recreation Camp 2023


  1. Contact Property Tax Unit Customer Service

    Use this form to contact Customer Service for the City of Savannah Property Tax Unit within the Revenue Department.

  1. Contact Utility Services Customer Service

    Use this form to contact Customer Service for the City of Savannah Utility Services Division, which manages the billing and collections... More…

Revenue COAM

  1. 2020-2021 Coin Operated Amusement Machine Registration

    Use this form to register Class B coin operate amusement machines with the City of Savannah.

Sanitation Forms

  1. 2022 Fall Community Cleanup
  2. Adopt-A-Spot Program Application
  1. 2023 Great Savannah Community Cleanup Registration

    Use this form to register for the 2023 Great Savannah Community Cleanup, scheduled to take place Saturday, April 15.

  2. Glass Recycling Question

Summer 500

  1. 2018 Summer 500: Business Registration Form

    Would you like to provide an internship opportunity for a Savannah youth at your business? Register your interest with this form.

  1. Summer 500 more information

Tourism Office

  1. Motor Coach Permit Application
    Tourism/Transporting within the City of Savannah, GA

    Motor Coach Permit Application Touring/Transporting within the City of Savannah, GA

  2. Restaurant Outdoor Dining and Parklet Application
  3. Tour Complaints Form

    The Tour Services Complaint Form allows easy reporting of possible tour company violations of City ordinance. Each complaint will be... More…

  1. Reporting a possible STVR violation

    The STVR Complaint Form allows for easy reporting of STVR related complaints, concerns and possible violations. Each complaint will be... More…

  2. STVR Waiting List Form

    The STVR waiting list form allows individuals to sign up to submit an STVR application when a space opens up in their respective ward


  1. Traffic Calming Needs Assessment Application
  1. Whitaker Street Lane Reduction Public Comment

    The pilot program will begin Monday, February 5, and is expected to last for up to 90 days pending feedback. The trial intends to... More…

Vision Zero

  1. Sign-up for the Vision Zero Mailing List

    Sign-up to receive updates on the Vision Zero Plan